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Inclusion - Why now ?

Inclusion at its simplest is 'the state of being included'. Inclusion is a culture and as an community organisation we have to ensure it is central to the way we operate. It is acknowledged that community organisations perform better when they have an embedded inclusive culture.

As we look forward to 2020 and beyond we as an community organisation have to ensure that inclusion is not just a buzzword. We need an action plan that involves members, women and youth. Members should not only be seen as a source of financial contributions but an important part of the decision making process. Women should not just belong to a women’s wing but are seen as an integral part of the organisation at all levels. We need to provide a clear vision and strategy for our youths and give them the tools and skills to become the leaders of tomorrow.

The benefits of an inclusive culture are very clear to see

- A vibrant organisation

- Committed members who buy into the vision and direction of the executive

- Better implementation of tasks

- Allows the executive to fulfill their mandate by delegating effectively

- Ability of members to recruit new members into our organisation

- Empowerment of members

There will be challenges for the executive as they implement this new model but they are challenges that should be overcome to ensure our community organisation is ready to meet the expectations of our members.

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